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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam Questionnaire

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam
The Questions And Their Words 

In This Questionaire Sheet I had interview a total of 7 people 
in their reponse to the questions that i ask them

1. What Do You Like About The Sermon?

"The sermon reminded me that 
God has poured out his spirit 
to enable his children to 
accomplish the impossible"
-Sister Audrey

"I enjoyed the word about staying in school
 I was happy to learn that a 50 year old man 
 can still go to college and leave with a 3.8 grade
 point average"
-Brother Llewellyn 

"The sermon was reminded me how 
 God was pouring out his holy spirit to
 how his children that nothing is impossible"
-Kimberly, 17

"I appreciated the fact that Elder Mark encouraged 
 the parents that where there especially the new ones"
-Jerrel Burney

2. What Is Your Favorite Quote To The Message 
    That Elder Mark Was Preaching About?

"The young men shall dream dreams, the old men shall see
  visions and the children shall prophecy"
-Sister Audrey

"We do not have to wait for government to set the agenda for our kids.
 We can stand up now for ourselves and set the agenda for our kids."
-Jerrel Burney

"Old men shall dream dreams, young men shall see visions, 
 and children shall prophecy"
-Kimberly, 17

3. Who Do You Want To Give A Shout Out To?
    Who Do You Inspire Or Admire To?

"The person that inspires me the most is my mom 
 because she has been through a lot and still helps me
 in my time of need."
-Mari, 19

"The person that inspire me is Serena Williams because
 she helps me play tennis"

"The person I admire at church is my pastor because he
 loves the lord. The person I admire at church is Elder Mark 
because he's a good elder to the church"

"I want give to a shout out to sis lonett because she was
 there since my mom died. I inspire Elder Darren and Diantte"
-Kimberly, 17

"I want to inspire most to the students that have had a hard time
 with academic performance. Sometimes we just need the right
 kind of encouragement to give us the neccesary boost of confidence
 to peform at a greater capacity"
-Jerrel Burney

On Behalf Of The Pelevision News Team I Would Like To Thank 
The Bethel Gospel Assembly For Making This Event Possible

I Would Also Like To Thank 
Sister Audrey
Brother Llewellyn 
Jerrel Burney

For Their Time And Their Support
God Bless You!!!

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