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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam

By Ryan Ngala

Harlem, New York

It was around 6pm in the evening earlier than the people would have even expected they had all sat down in the BGA sanctuary.
When It was 7pm and as the BGA annual back to school jam has just getting started Brother Llewellyn had started with the word of prayer and so did this one kid named Devonte who had also pray even Llewellyn did. So the BGA worship team had sing a song that was so uplifting and touching. Then Llewellyn and the entire people had sang the welcome song as visitors had came to bga and Llewellyn had play a game called "Who Do You Meet Today?".

So as Brother Clinton came to the altar he went solo in singing a song called "All I Have To Give", when his part was finished Sister Mari had recited a poem she wrote. After that Brother Llewellyn had addresses the department of youth services announcements and so as the offering so that the bga worship team could lead us in a song called "Arise O' God".

So as the sermon begin bga speaker Brother Elder Mack will shared some words on wisdom and encouragement his message from the sermon was "Every Little Bit Helps", and his quote on each keynote he said was "There Is No Limit Of What God Can Do", "Our Children Is Our Future", "We Have The Ability To Do What God Says We Can Do", "Old Man Dream Dreams", "Young Man See Visions", and "The Children Shall Prophecy".

After the sermon was over Elder Mark had close out with a miraculous prayer that he had ever pray, Then the kids had got up in line to get their school supplies and so did the parents starting with the grades beginning from 2nd-7th and 8th-12th. As they all went home leaving themselves some bag of chips, apples, and something to drink.

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam Questionnaire

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam
The Questions And Their Words 

In This Questionaire Sheet I had interview a total of 7 people 
in their reponse to the questions that i ask them

1. What Do You Like About The Sermon?

"The sermon reminded me that 
God has poured out his spirit 
to enable his children to 
accomplish the impossible"
-Sister Audrey

"I enjoyed the word about staying in school
 I was happy to learn that a 50 year old man 
 can still go to college and leave with a 3.8 grade
 point average"
-Brother Llewellyn 

"The sermon was reminded me how 
 God was pouring out his holy spirit to
 how his children that nothing is impossible"
-Kimberly, 17

"I appreciated the fact that Elder Mark encouraged 
 the parents that where there especially the new ones"
-Jerrel Burney

2. What Is Your Favorite Quote To The Message 
    That Elder Mark Was Preaching About?

"The young men shall dream dreams, the old men shall see
  visions and the children shall prophecy"
-Sister Audrey

"We do not have to wait for government to set the agenda for our kids.
 We can stand up now for ourselves and set the agenda for our kids."
-Jerrel Burney

"Old men shall dream dreams, young men shall see visions, 
 and children shall prophecy"
-Kimberly, 17

3. Who Do You Want To Give A Shout Out To?
    Who Do You Inspire Or Admire To?

"The person that inspires me the most is my mom 
 because she has been through a lot and still helps me
 in my time of need."
-Mari, 19

"The person that inspire me is Serena Williams because
 she helps me play tennis"

"The person I admire at church is my pastor because he
 loves the lord. The person I admire at church is Elder Mark 
because he's a good elder to the church"

"I want give to a shout out to sis lonett because she was
 there since my mom died. I inspire Elder Darren and Diantte"
-Kimberly, 17

"I want to inspire most to the students that have had a hard time
 with academic performance. Sometimes we just need the right
 kind of encouragement to give us the neccesary boost of confidence
 to peform at a greater capacity"
-Jerrel Burney

On Behalf Of The Pelevision News Team I Would Like To Thank 
The Bethel Gospel Assembly For Making This Event Possible

I Would Also Like To Thank 
Sister Audrey
Brother Llewellyn 
Jerrel Burney

For Their Time And Their Support
God Bless You!!!

My Family's Trip To Governor's Island

By Ryan Ngala

Harlem, New York

Chapter One: To Governor’s Island We Go

As we left home my Mom, Florence, Wendy, Abel and I all walked down to 125th Street and Lexington Avenue, just to buy some lunch from McDonald’s. As we left I saw some coins fall on the street and I decided to pick it up. However my sisters told me that I should stop. But I didn’t listen and they walked ahead. I had to run as fast I can to catch up, but the car was right behind me and for a second there I thought I was going to be road kill but I knew I was going to be safe with God’s grace. Then Me, my Mom and the rest of my siblings went to the subway station on the east side section of 125th Street and took it all the way down to the bowling green station that took us to governor’s island ferry. Me and the rest of the family had got on the boat, and when we arrived we had to run to get some free bikes. But turns out it’s only free on Friday at least one exercised. So me and the rest of my family went all the way back to the dock, to wait for the next boat that can takes us back to Brooklyn.

Chapter Two: To Brooklyn Here We Are
But while in Brooklyn Abel, Wendy, and Florence went to the water park and my mom went on the swings. Then the family and I got on the New York water way boat and went straight back to the same spot at governor’s island.

Chapter Three: Back To Governor’s Island
My Mom was a little bit hungry so Abel, Florence, and I all went to the vending machine where my mom had bought herself a bag of sun chips, and while she was buying Abel, Florence and Wendy were all looking for change for $5.00. Then when they got it they all put in $2.00 cause the soda cost $1.50 and all that was left was just 50 cent so they just use $1.00 to add 50 cent with it and bought two bottles of sprite. One for Abel and I to share and one for my sisters. After that me and the rest of  the family went to the veronica’s kitchen and we ordered something to eat I order a hot dog, Florence order a b.b.q chicken, and Wendy and Abel just bought some drinks and my Mom paid for all of us. Later Abel had told us to walk on Clayton road in order to find a golf course and as when we found it I saw a sculpture of a pineapple house and a model of futurama as well. My Mom and my siblings had some fun while throwing a Frisbee to each other also passing it to one another while they where walking and so was I. I and my Mom was walking for a couple of minutes as we almost run to get ourselves out here my siblings told me and my Mom to hurry up cause the boat was already there but unfortunately it was too late, we just have to wait for the next one to come.

Chapter Four: There Goes The Boat 
Then the New York water way boat, came our way and I and the rest of the family where the first ones on the boat and we were on the upper level deck. As we was arriving back to Manhattan, I had met three friendly people who loved New York as much as I do and they were Benjamin Schwarze, Yuko Morikawa, and Chiaki Kiyohara they had seen the New York feature once I had a chance to a take a picture of  them, the picture was so crystal clear.

Chapter Five: Were Going Home
Then the boat arrived to Manhattan as we took off, but Florence, Wendy and I met a camera lady and she took each one of us our own picture and Wendy had taken her a picture and Florence had given her own e-mail addresses written on a piece of paper. Then we took the subway station and went on the number four train my Mom, Florence, Wendy, Abel and I all have plans of where we wanted to be a place where we called home.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


By Ryan Ngala

Harlem, New York | Thursday August 19, 2010

A gallery presentation is open in both the E.T.C Robeson room and the E.T.C Mac lab; it started at 1:00-3:00pm. First I went to the presentation for the “Make Some Noise” at the E.T.C Computer Lab that started at 1:45-2:30pm. Then I went to the rise up exhibition and I saw pictures and ads in every one of them, I saw the mural of different drawings and paintings. I went to the E.T.C Mac lab for the forever young exhibition and I saw a sculpture of the hcz model and the entire neighborhood and a collage. At the tutor room I saw the group called “The Roots” as they were practing for their part of the show as they were stepping and doing their thing. So as the make some noise were getting started the performers who got up to say their part were Leland and Terrance Buckner. I saw a blog for the make some noise site at and there were always some refreshments along the way.

At 2:36pm the musical theatre show at the E.T.C tutor room was just getting started and everybody was taken their seats to sit down there were music playing, drummers drumming and so fore. First group was the roots as they were chanting and stepping at the same time, Then Geoffrey has host many plays such as “Birthday Parties” and “The Broken Hearted Girl”, after that they had play the drums especially nick. But unfortunately Tai Garcia the Junior Advisor is leaving the E.T.C Building and as a member of the E.T.C family it was announced by the program director of E.T.C James Horton and for which she is actually leaving the building for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The C.S.O Students @ The HCZ C.S.O BBQ PARTY

It’s party time, as the students and cso staff members were attending the bbq party. There were some refreshments that students had something to eat and were thirsty too. It started at 5:00pm, as they relax and chat for a couple of minutes and receive a raffle ticket to be the next winner and a name tag just to put on their shirt. After that most of the students had receive their award for their hard work, and they play some games after the awards were given out. As the cso staff members were enjoying a very good time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 16th Annual HCZ Peace March

Harlem, New York [Wednesday August 11, 2010]
By Ryan Ngala
The Season has change this year in 2010, as the hcz peace march has just getting started.
The HCZ Peace March will start and end on 137th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard all the way to 143rd Street and Lenox Avenue Where the Harlem Armory Is.  There are over one thousand students and staff members in each different programs such as the Employment & Technology Center (ETC), Countee Cullen Community Center (CCCC), Truce, and Truce Fitness, Harlem Children’s Zone Community Center, Learn to Earn (LTE), & many more, they had shouted a chant such as “Running for school, Not for jail” and many more, they had so much fun.
When each program group had went inside at the Harlem armory they had sit in their own regular spots to see their own trademarks on the back of their t-shirts. Then they had a questionnaire sheet that they had to answer to. After that it was on for the show as many students perform on stage, then awards were given out to students, then they had a Harlem Children’s Zone Candle Light Memorial in remembrance to the love ones they’ve lost, and when it was all over the HCZ staff members had clean up and had sent every students at the Harlem armory back home.
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