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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam

Bethel Gospel Assembly Annual Back To School Jam

By Ryan Ngala

Harlem, New York

It was around 6pm in the evening earlier than the people would have even expected they had all sat down in the BGA sanctuary.
When It was 7pm and as the BGA annual back to school jam has just getting started Brother Llewellyn had started with the word of prayer and so did this one kid named Devonte who had also pray even Llewellyn did. So the BGA worship team had sing a song that was so uplifting and touching. Then Llewellyn and the entire people had sang the welcome song as visitors had came to bga and Llewellyn had play a game called "Who Do You Meet Today?".

So as Brother Clinton came to the altar he went solo in singing a song called "All I Have To Give", when his part was finished Sister Mari had recited a poem she wrote. After that Brother Llewellyn had addresses the department of youth services announcements and so as the offering so that the bga worship team could lead us in a song called "Arise O' God".

So as the sermon begin bga speaker Brother Elder Mack will shared some words on wisdom and encouragement his message from the sermon was "Every Little Bit Helps", and his quote on each keynote he said was "There Is No Limit Of What God Can Do", "Our Children Is Our Future", "We Have The Ability To Do What God Says We Can Do", "Old Man Dream Dreams", "Young Man See Visions", and "The Children Shall Prophecy".

After the sermon was over Elder Mark had close out with a miraculous prayer that he had ever pray, Then the kids had got up in line to get their school supplies and so did the parents starting with the grades beginning from 2nd-7th and 8th-12th. As they all went home leaving themselves some bag of chips, apples, and something to drink.

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