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Monday, June 1, 2009

To Spend More Time With God

To Spend More Time with God
By Ryan T. Ngala

NEW YORK – At the church on this glorious day that you see yourself going to every Sunday, many well-dressed people gather full of so much love and care. They are also there for a new beginning, a new life that has more blessings to come. They know that God has great things in store for them which he will take them places they have never dreamt of before God can make wondrous the mundane realities of everyday life.

Throughout the world in nations and communities many people attend Sunday services, or view them from their home on television or over the Internet; mass media channels like Daystar, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Angel One, and so many more. The struggles that these individuals experience in life often affects the rest of their lives; which is why they allow themselves to seek guidance from God’s word in the Bible. Understanding its verses and scriptures open their hearts and minds and allows God the opportunity to call these people and have them reach as far as they can in this world. All that God asks of us is that we are willing to work hard using his guidance to attain whatever blessings he has in store for us.
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